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Data Mesh + Patient360

A Modern Revolution for Healthcare Data

Healthcare organizations are sitting on a treasure trove of customer data. Operationalizing that data makes it actionable and usable, helping improve services, costs, and patient outcomes. However, obstacles like data silos and legacy systems continue to block digital transformation efforts in the industry.

In our healthcare white paper "Data Mesh + Patient360: A Modern Revolution for Healthcare Data," you'll discover:

  • The benefits of leveraging a Patient 360 model and what challenges stand in the way of successful implementation.
  • Why a data mesh is a powerful choice for building a healthcare data ecosystem that both protects sensitive data and makes it available for decision makers.
  • How DataOS enables cutting edge architectures like data mesh, Patient 360 and more--with minimal operational disruptions and no need to offload legacy systems.

Read it and understand the potential healthcare data has with the right data operating system.

Data Mesh Patient Cover 360

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