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DataOS: the Modern Data Fabric

Becoming a Data Driven Organization

Businesses want to become data-driven, but a majority of non-technology organizations struggle to extract value out of their data. For these companies, data
is not a solved problem.
· Collecting data from traditional data sources may seem straightforward, but enterprises often struggle to integrate, govern, process, and syndicate data.
· Data is growing in variety (structured, unstructured, semi-structured, streaming, sensor data, etc.), and standard data integration techniques have failed to keep up in the last 5 + years.

· Compute limitations, connectivity constraints, rigid transformation workflows, ever-increasing data volume, and multi/hybrid cloud environment data distribution make it even more challenging for legacy platforms.

Most data platforms offer little value to customers and add needless complexity
to the existing data infrastructure.

But alas! There’s a better way.


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